The Breakdown- B.A Paris Review

That night.... The guilt.... The calls.... The murder..... Guys!!!! I am so excited to be writing a review on The Breakdown by B.A Paris. First of all, I wasn't even going to read this book but I kept having friends on Instagram telling me that I should pick it up. Seeing that they were enjoying it was giving me serious FOMO. So I downloaded the sample on my kindle and when the I was done reading the sample, it was too late to make a run to the bookstore so I purchased the full E-Book version. Rating: 5/5 I have a Starbucks cup in my hand and I'm still thinking what just happened? How did I not see that coming? Can we talk about how this gif of Joey is all of us after reading that huge twist

Turtles All The Way Down....

“You remember your first love because they show you, prove to you, that you can love and be loved, that nothing in this world is deserved except for love, that love is both how and why you become a person .”  ―  Turtles All the Way Down I have always LOVED reading but life got really overwhelming and I stopped reading for a long time so the past few months I have been making it a practice to enjoy things I use to enjoy when life was less busy, one of those was reading books. I started following tons of bookstagram accounts and I noticed that John Green had written a new book. I ran to Amazon and purchased the book because everyone was posting and raving about it. Thank goodness for Amazon P

"Maybe this is why we read.....

and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know. " - Albert Manguel. That is why I read. Books are an escape to a new world where you indulge in a great love story that is far from reality but you love it anyway or maybe you like suspenseful books full of twists and turns that keep you at the edge of your bed or sofa turning the page like a maniac. My personal faves are the ones that make me cry. Why? I am not sure but I love a book that can move me so much that I can cry tears of joy, sadness and happiness all at once. Tell me that you've never felt that? My all time favorite book is " The fault in our Stars"- By John Green. This book moved me and f

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Welcome to my blog Dreaming in Los Angeles. My name is Cristal and I was born and raised in Sunny Los Angeles, CA. 

I am a lover of books, Coffee, and Photography. My blog will be a space to do my favorite things like write about a good book I read, photographs I take and my journey to clean living. I

- Cristal Belen

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