Turtles All The Way Down....

“You remember your first love because they show you, prove to you, that you can love and be loved, that nothing in this world is deserved except for love, that love is both how and why you become a person .”  ―  Turtles All the Way Down

       I have always LOVED reading but life got really overwhelming and I stopped reading for a long time so the past few months I have been making it a practice to enjoy things I use to enjoy when life was less busy, one of those was reading books. I started following tons of bookstagram accounts and I noticed that John Green had written a new book. I ran to Amazon and purchased the book because everyone was posting and raving about it. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime it makes life easier. I got the book Saturday and by Sunday morning I was done, I love that feeling. You get so wrapped up in a book that you cannot put it down. So here goes my review.

(P.S: This Review Contains Spoilers, not huge but somewhat)

Overall: 5/5

The Story is about Aza Holmes 16 year old suffering from OCD. She lost her dad at a young age and her mom is a bit over protective. I like Aza in general, I do not suffer from OCD but I can say that I suffer from Anxiety. OCD is an all consuming issue with Aza. She has invasive thoughts and there is not much she can do about it. I loved that this book is so real. Most YA books are kind of unrealistic in the fact that they make it seem like love solves it all. Maybe that is why I love this book so much and also FIOS because they don't necessarily have that Disney ending that we grew up watching. This book doesn't have that love story that consumes both characters and they kind of get through the problems together. Davis is the love interest in this book and along with Aza he's dealing with a lot of problems on his own, his dad has disappeared after being sought after for fraud. Aza is originally interested in looking for Davis’ dad along with her friend Daisy because there is a reward of $100K for any clues that lead to his arrest. However after she takes interest in Davis and his younger brother her interest in finding Davis' dad is to help them heal. I don't want to spoil much more so that is all I will say about the story line. 

What I loved about this book? 

I loved so much about it!! Aza and Davis have a unique relationship.I feel like they both acknowledge the feelings they have for each other but they understand where they are in their lives too. That is so true in real life sometimes you understand what you feel for someone and it may be mutual but your lives may be taking different paths. That doesn't mean something will never happen but it also doesn't mean something will happen and that is 100 % ok. That is why I love the way the book ended because it left a lot open to interpretation and it wasn't an ending that left me completely heart broken or a picture perfect ending. It was a very real life ending.

" No one ever says good-bye unless they want to see you again" - Aza Holmes. 

I also really enjoyed Aza and Daisy's Friendship. I loved that they were both interesting characters. Daisy is quirky and fun and her life motto is "Break Hearts, Not Promises".  I feel like their personalities remind me a lot of one of my friends and me. Daisy is kind of free spirited and Aza is more guarded mostly because of her OCD. They also have a really real friendship in the sense that they get along but they also clash. I like that they have a point in the book where they address the issues in their friendship. I think this is great because just like any relationship no friendship comes without some sort of conflict. What is important is to be able to freely communicate your emotions with your friends and move forward and I feel that Aza and Daisy did just that. 

I also loved the realness of Aza's character. I for one suffer Anxiety and have for a really long time and sometimes when you tell people they look at you and tell you that there are ways to control it. In theory there may be, but when you are experiencing things like Aza it's like trying to breathe under water. I know that feeling and that is why I enjoyed her character although I am no longer a teenager I remember how I felt at that age and I loved that John Green wrote about it in a way that maybe helps others understand that it is ok to not always be ok. You will have great moments but you will also have trying moments and that doesn't mean you aren't going to be able to build a life because you will. When you are a teenager sometimes things can seem overbearing and like the world may end if you can't resolve it. At that age everything feels like you may not overcome it. I feel that is why it's so important to talk about issues like these because teenagers need to know that it will be ok. That is why I give this book a 5 star rating because it needs to be talked about. This is the type of book that every teenager needs to read. 

"I can no more choose my thoughts than choose my name." - Aza Holmes. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys enjoy this review :) 

- Cristal Belen. 

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