Your Perfect Life...

"This is crazy.I call my own cell phone number and hold my breathe.Who will answer? If I've become Rachel, what's become of me?" - Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke.

Overall Rating 5/5 

Plot Summary:

Best friends since childhood, Casey and Rachel couldn’t lead more different lives. While workaholic Casey rubs elbows with celebrities daily as the host of Gossip TV and comes home nightly to an empty apartment, stay-at-home mom Rachel juggles an “oops” baby, two fiery teenagers, and a husband who barely seems the man she fell in love with two decades before. After an argument at their twentieth high school reunion, Casey and Rachel throw back shots to get the night back on track. Instead, they get a life-changing hangover. Waking up in each other’s bodies the next morning, they must figure out how to navigate their altered realities. Rachel is forced to confront the reason she gave up her broadcasting dreams when she got pregnant in college, and Casey finally steps out of the spotlight to face the truth about why she’s alone. And they soon discover that they don’t know themselves—or their best friend—nearly as well as they thought they did.

My Review: 

I have to say that recently I have been weighing heavily on reviews to pick reads and this one was the exception I had no idea how the reviews were I just knew I liked what it said it was about and I 100% loved it. I read it in two sittings. I have been on a back to back binge of physiological thrillers and I was due for break and this book was just that. Such a feel good book that makes you smile , laugh and feel all the feels. It's a more mature version of Freaky-Friday and it's thoroughly entertaining. One thing that stood out to me is something that is relatable to those that are married with single friends. I know that for sure the dynamic of my friendships changed when I got married even though I still love all my friends ,things change and it doesn't have to be a bad thing. In this book we can see two friends that are struggling and are able to find their way back by learning the difficulties of each others lives. Sometimes we see other peoples lives but we do not really know what is really happening in the interior of their homes ( even when we are close )  and we can be quick to judge and think they are living a "perfect" life. This is true in our era of social media and it's important to remember we only know what is shared and we should always be kind to others. I think this story points to being thankful for what you have but also that it's never to late to follow your dreams. I highly recommend this book if you like Chick Lit. This book is comparable to Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin and other books by her, so if you love her books I believe you will enjoy this one. Looking forward to reading more books written by these two brilliant authors.

Thanks for reading. 


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