A Criminal Defense..

 By William L. Myers 

Hi Bookish Fam, 

I just finished a Criminal Defense and I’m on the fence. This was my first Legal Thriller and I have to say it was brilliantly written. Honestly I would have never guessed that I would’ve liked a book with this narrative but I cannot wait to pick up another book in this category. 

This book follows Mick McFarland a Defense Attorney and former Prosecuter. He finds himself in the trial of his life as he needs to represent his close friend David Hanson. David Hanson is being tried for murdering a young reporter who had uncovered corrupt cops and was suponed by the grand jury to expose the person who leaked the information to her. Then suddenly she’s found dead and David was found in her house. But was he responsible for me her death? We’re the corrupt cops involved? Or was it a robbery gone wrong ??

The storyline is great and it is also complex. There are so many moving parts in this book. Everyone is someone in this story. Everyone has secrets and everyone has virtues. The burning question is will justice be served? I promise you if you read this book, you will ask yourself this until the very last page. Based on the way this book was written and the fact that I felt I was looking into a real courtroom, listening and being swayed by what the Defense and Prosecuters presented I give this book a 5/5 . However I did not like the ending what so ever and for me that took away from the book. This does not mean this book was poorly written, in fact it was excellent . If you are the type of person that enjoys legal thriller or just plain thrillers for that matter I think this book is a great recommendation. This book is so much more then just courtroom defense , it has twists and turns and shocking revelations. If you are like me, and endings are everything to you this might not be a great recommendation because you may feel upset about the way it ended. I personally really dislike bad ending in movies books ect. If I feel the ending was bad I cannot watch or read or appreciate it because it kind of ruins the rest for me. Let me put an example , I hated 300 days of summer and I didn’t once watch it again because of the ending. If you’ve seen this movie I feel like you either hated it or loved it and in a sense that’s what I feel this book is so because of that I am giving it an overall rating of 3/5. Nonetheless , i have found a new genre I liked and that makes me happy. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of this end of year and you get tons of reading done. 

With Love


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