Poems of the Past...

It’s the first day of 2018 and I am taking a look back.... Way back. To be precise 2010. I’ve always loved writing and poetry has always been something I’ve loved to do and also deeply personal. In fact I had a friend once tell me that there is no way that you can write poetry that doesn’t reflect your feelings. I always remember those words because I feel like in order to write Poetry you have to be feeling sadness, happiness love ect. For me Poetry has always been a escape and also something I rarely share. As a matter of fact very few of my friends have read my poetry. This blog is somewhat of a safe space for me so I am sharing a poem that I wrote back in May of 2010...

Heartbreak is my end... 

I know my heart isn't made for this faint desire I know my heart wasn't made to lose it's true fire It's made to live out it's passions It's made to live without painful distractions But you came along and made my heart stray But you came along and couldn't stay I know my heart wasn't made for these tears I know my heart wasn't made for you to steal It's made to fall head over heels It's made to make all the pains heal But you came along and broke it in two But you never knew what it was you'd do Break my heart, in a greater way than before Break my heart to a point you can't restore Even when I know my heart isn't made for this My heart can't find it's way back to bliss Because Heartbreak is my end It's lost in an ocean of shattered dreams It's lost does nothing but silently scream Agony is what my heart feels Sadness is what my heart breathes It's your venom within everything it steals And even in pain, It's what my heart needs Because Heartbreak is my end The point of no return.. 

Although it’s a poem about heartbreak it reminds me that even when you feel like you cannot move forward you always will , because no storm lasts forever. ✨



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