Bending the Universe

"Our world is afflicted, and it's time for a new start" - Justin Wetch

Overall Review 5/5

Brilliant, Modern, Minimalist yet strong.

I had been in desperate search for a collection of poems that spoke to me, in terms of what I was feeling and what is going on in the world. This collection of poems is everything and more. The topics that the Author touched are diverse ,he speaks about society, love, life and even nature. I was on the first poem when I realized I was going to love this book. The Title of that Poem is Diversity and the quote at the beginning of this blog belongs to that poem. The author even talks about Twitter, and how people engage in war of words.It something so common that we see nowadays . I am not an active twitter user but I can promise if you turn on the news you will see someone talking about of an exchange of unfriendly words by Hollywood elite, politicians etc. This is what our my future children will see and where your current children spend time and it bares the question : Where are our future generations headed? This collection of poems is not only thought-provoking but moving and relevant to the times we are living in. Like the author I wish for days where we did not stare into our phones and computer and look at others pictures and allow that to tell us who we need to be in order to succeed. I wish for simpler times. This is just what I think of the first section. The other sections are just as great. I will include some of my highlighted parts of the book so you can get an more in depth idea of the book.

" The past versions of myself, each leaving their mark

In the ridges of my brain and veins of my heart"

"Whether you'd ever heard

A piece of music so beautiful,

That it shattered who you are

And Glued the pieces together. "

"140 characters is the most this generation needs"

"Call it nostalgia, call it something else I just wish for a time less... complicated.

and my ultimate fave:

"Because sometimes survival

Isn't the most important thing

And Surviving

Isn't the same as living."

Also an added bonus is that this book is illustrated. ( The Artists name is Malachi Paulsen )

You can Pre-Order here:

Barnes & Noble

Indie Bound


Release Date : February 28,2018

This book was provided to me by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.



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