Stillhouse Lake & Killman Creek

“ I run like I feel breath on my neck , as if I’m running for my life. It’s not healthy or safe and I’m well aware that driving myself that hard is a form of self-punishment, and also and expression of the fear I live with everyday. Overall Review for the Series: 5/5 Imagine having to leave your identity behind and still having to watch you back everyday? Who would you trust? ....... Let me start by saying this is the first series I tackled as a part of #theunreadbookshelf2018 challenge that has been going around Instagram.

I’ve had Stillhouse Lake in my kindle since June of 2017. The book follows Gina Royal and her children. After a tragic accident reveals that her husband Melvin is a serial killer She is forced to remake her entire life and take on a role as protector and defender of her kids and herself as they are targeted constantly by internet stalkers who consider her an accomplice to her husband. Stillhouse Lake begins with her discovering what her husband is and then fast forwards to their new identities. We later learn that they have had to change identities multiple times and even that does not guarantee their security. They are being hunted by people who want to harm them because of what Melvin did. Throughout the development of the story I kept asking myself if Gina or “Gwen” is being too over protective or if the precautions she takes are really necessary?. If the characters that were being introduced out to get them or help protect them? This books quite literally takes you in a web of twists and turns. This series is easy to read but even with its simplistic form of writing it has depth and IT DELIVERS the thrill and binge worthy-ness of some of my other favorite Thrillers.. The first book is written solely in the perspective of Gina or “Gwen Proctor” . The second book in the series- Killman Creek- is told from the perspective of various main characters which made the second book more enjoyable and it is the the reason why I am giving this book a 5 star review. Had it been only the first book in the series I would’ve probably given it a 4.5. Stillhouse Lake has drama, intensity, bombshells and murder. This has you questioning the integrity of the characters & eventually this also leads to a shocker. I wouldn’t call the revelations in book one to be major twists but they do offer a shock element. Killman Creek is pure adrenaline.. This book is about survival and perseverance and Gwen becomes even more determined to protect those she loves from a bigger evil. The fact that this book is narrated by multiple characters also allows you to enter into the fights each character is fighting. If I had to describe Killman Creek in a few words I would say : Adranaline Pumping and somewhat haunting. If you are in the market for a good series that will have you up reading late at night! I 100% recommend these two books. I was also very excited to see there will be a third in this series and I’m super excited for it.

Thanks for reading and look for my review on The Chalk Man soon.

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