One Day in December.....

One day In December by Josie Silver 

" You tread lightly through life, but you leave deep footprints that are hard for other people to fill" -Jack

Do you believe in love at first sight?  Laurie is riding the bus solo one December night to her childhood home when all of a sudden she looks outside the window only to see a man who she immediately feels a connection with, she wants to get off and be bold but she does not. She spends a year looking for him only to one day run into him in her very home. He's dating her best friend Sarah. 

One day in December is a book that reels you in the moment you read the first pages. This book is the epitome of a good fall or winter read it's not only a love story it goes far beyond that touching on topics of loss, friendships and betrayals. It spans almost a decade of the life of three people Laurie, Sarah and Jack and is told in the POV of Laurie and Jack. The friendship that Laurie and Sarah shared seemed like a bond between sisters because of the unconditional love they have for one another. I specifically liked that the book went on for many years and it showed the growth and struggles of the characters. One of my favorite topics in the book is that it talks about love and the different extents of it, while in a conversations one characters mentions that the world is full of close to perfect couples that compliment each other in great ways and that sometimes your fall in love but that 90% isn't worth it. It's better to hold out for your 100%. On that note I recommend this book to any one it was such a heartwarming story in so many ways and I really hope they make it into a movie, because it's would make a perfect rom-com :) 

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